What qualifications do your assistants have?
That depends on the role the assistant is carrying out. All of our assistants have previous experience for their role, with ongoing training provided by the local council where required.

You can rest assured each assistant has been fully vetted and checked for your peace of mind, having undergone a lengthy face to face meeting to ensure they have the same values as ourselves.  We also carry out verbal and written reference checks, driving license checks, ensure they have the relevant insurance and have an enhanced criminal record check ensuring they are suitable for their role.

What days and hours do they work?
As all of our assistants are self employed they decide the hours/days they wish to be available for work.  You can use more than one assistant in order to ensure all of your hours are covered to suit you.

What are your costs?
Please contact us for our full cost breakdown of our hourly rates.  Please note our hourly rate includes payment to the assistant, who is self employed and also our fee for the running of the service.

Can I meet them beforehand?
Yes of course, we believe you should be comfortable with who is visiting your home.  We always accompany our assistants to meet with you and obtain feedback from you before implementing any start date.  Once you are happy with your chosen assistant we will always endeavour to provide that same assistant for as long as you require to provide continuity. 

Do I need to provide anything?
Our assistants will use your equipment and cleaning products, this is to keep the cost to you as low as possible, but also to ensure there is no risk of allergic reaction from any of the cleaning products to anyone in the home.

How do I make payment?
Invoices will be sent out monthly.  Payment details will be on the bottom of the invoice and will usually be by cheque or direct into the bank account within 7 days of the invoice.  Payments are not allowed in cash.

Do I need to give notice if I want to cancel my booking?
Yes, we require one weeks notice to cancel, otherwise you will be invoiced for the full amount.