Staying safe this Halloween

Staying safe this Halloween

Monday 29th October 2018

Halloween can be a treat-filled time for many, but also tricky for some.

For people living with dementia or physical limitations, Halloween can hold fears that lead to distress.

At Your Care, we've put together some pointers to make Halloween enjoyable for all.

For relatives of vulnerable people:

  • Always put the door chain on and look out of the window or spy hole to see who is there before opening the door. Take particular care if there is more than one person on your doorstep
  • Ensure the walkway is kept clear to avoid falls and have lights on. Don't answer the door in the dark
  • If you don't feel safe opening the door, then don't. Only open the door if you feel safe doing so
  • Invite a friend or relative to visit them for the evening; watch TV together or listen to music. Alternatively, you could organise a companion to spend the evening with them

For trick or treaters:

  • Don't go to houses that aren't decorated. The homeowners may not want to be disturbed
  • For their own safety, make sure that young children are accompanied by an adult
  • Do you know whose doorbell you're ringing? If it's an older person, consider whether your call might scare them
  • Allow time for the door to be opened and think about the person on the other side getting up to answer

If you are out trick or treating this Halloween, have fun but please do it responsibly and with respect.

Is there anything you would add to these lists? Get in touch and let me know.