A grandchild for a day keeps dementia at bay!

A grandchild for a day keeps dementia at bay!

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Are you watching that Channel 4 programme, Old People's Home for 4 Year-Olds? I always make time to see it because I love the interaction between the kids and the pensioners.

But it's not all about the entertainment.

There are other reasons I watch.

A study by the Journal of North America's Menopause Society followed 376 grandparents and 340 children for 19 years and they found that there really are benefits to babysitting the grandkids...

The Society identified that the closer the relationship between the ageing grandparents and the children, the less likely either party was to suffer from depression.

Just think about that for a moment.

The damaging effects of social isolation can be overcome by spending time with your grandchildren.

There are some people that have already realised this.

Gransnet undertook a study and reported that 1 in 6 people had taken early retirement or left paid employment so that they could look after their grandchildren. A massive 80% said that the sacrifice was worth it, and 51% were reportedly happier when spending time with them.

It would seem then that looking after the grandchildren really does have health benefits.

And not just mentally, but physically too.

Grandparents that look after their grandchildren for one or two days per week tend to be more active than those who don't.

Even if you aren't a grandparent, you could offer your services to parents you know! The benefits to you, the child, and them, will be huge.

What do you think about these studies? Have you noticed your health improve after spending time with children? I'd love to hear your thoughts!