Are you planning a summer holiday?

Are you planning a summer holiday?

Monday 24th February 2020

I'm pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say 'I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER'!

As the days get lighter, I get more and more excited for some sunshine! I spend pretty much all my spare time on the hunt for a holiday where I can relax, sip cocktails on the beach and just generally get away from daily life.

For some, it's not as simple as just booking the holiday and jet setting off into the sun. You have elderly family members, neighbours, or even people you kindly help out week in, week out to think about.

A lot of people like you have the same thoughts, 'Who makes sure Dad has got out of bed this morning?', 'Who checks Mum has taken her medication?', 'Who makes sure your sister living with Dementia has remembered to eat today?' All sound familiar?

Whilst I understand and empathise with you in this situation, you cannot keep going on without some downtime; you'll burn out and then what's going to happen to your loved one? Who is going to take care of them?

Planning in advance helps. You can often find agencies, Your Care being one of them, and pre-book visits in advance. At Your Care, you can meet the personal assistants (PAs')/team in advance, so you know who will be looking after your loved one whilst you're away. You can plan what you would like the PA's to do, whether that's shopping, personal care, medication prompting and so on. You'll have piece of mind that your loved one is being looked after and the Your Care team is on hand should they need anything.

So go on. Book that holiday. Take time to be selfish and focus on you and your family instead of everyone else.

ROLL ON PAY DAY! Sunshine, I'm coming for you!!

Claire x

PS. Already booked and need to organise some care whilst you're away? Or, you just want some info before you book your holiday?
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